Friends & Clients (in no particular order)

Dom Kreep: musician, writer and trouble-maker.  

Eric Freitas: Amazingly great horologist.

The Retro-licious Car-N-Art designs

The brain-eating Blackwater Gallery: The Art of Stephen Vincent.

The ghoulishly good Rhythm Coffin.

Bad-ass rockabilly from the mitten, Graveside Manner.

Crud; the band that sort-of kick-started my work.

Zombie Rock, probably the best clients ever.

The horribly lovely Meaghan Monster.

The creeping cats at the Toronto Zombie Walk.


Bands That You Should Be Aware Of (in no particular order)


The Rhythm Coffin

Graveside Manner


The Guilty Hearts

The Memphis Morticians

Black Diamond Heavies

Detroit's own Casket Bastards.

The Peculiar Pretzelmen


Zak and His Unhappy Guitar

Chris Randall (of Sister machine Gun fame)


Kid Koala

Circus Contraption

Creature Feature


If you don't know and/or like The Cramps, there's something wrong with you.

Martin Martini and the Bone Palace Orchestra

The Bonnevilles

The Jim Jones Revue

Zombie Ghost Train


Various oddities and nick-knacks to tickle your brain (y'know, to make it tastier)

The most amazing Halloween masquerade on Earth, Theatre Bizarre.

boing boing

Destructoid, for my nerd side.

io9, also for my n3rd side.

The awesomeness that is Coop

Skull-A-Day... won't keep the doctor away.

Street Anatomy

Morbid Anatomy

Oh Gizmo! The best tech geek blog around.

Much more to come.